Chapter V Staff



Chapter Directors

Joe & Patti Diamnbri

(253) 630-8463


Assistant Chapter Directors

Jeff & Cindy Duffield

(253) 293-0744


Honorary Assistant Chapter Directors

Ken & Marion Harter

(253) 293-4475



Carolyn Andrew

(253) 447-7031


Chapter Educator

John Doughty

(253) 630-1543


Newsletter Publisher/Editor

Ken & Marion Harter

(253) 862-7544


Phone Tree Coordinator

Vic Parr

(253) 224-6420


Ride Coordinator

Jeff Duffield

(253) 293-0744


Membership Coordinator

Ken & Marion Harter

(253) 293-4475


Technical Advisor

Dennis Murphy

(253) 381-0628


Web Master

Gary Andrew

(253) 365-1617


Motorist Awareness Program Coordinator

Vic Parr

(253) 224-6420


Sunshine Coordinator

C. Jorgenson



Chapter "V" Mascot






Couple and Individual of the Year


GWRRA's Couple of the Year Program was instituted in 1988 as a successor to the nine-year tradition of selecting a Wing Ding Queen to serve as ambassador for the association. First and foremost, the program provides an opportunity for local Chapters to recognize and honor a Couple/Individual each year for their dedication, accomplishments and participation within the Chapter.


Secondly, it establishes a process for identifying outstanding couples and individuals who can serve their Districts, Regions, and ultimately the International GWRRA organization. These couples and individuals demonstrate what it means to be a committed, involved, and supporting member of the GWRRA family. Congratulations to our Chapter Couple and Chapter Individual of the Year.




Jeff & Cindy Duffield

Washington District Couple of the Year


Chapter V Couple of the Year


Dennis Murphy

Chapter V Individual of the Year